2021 Reflect Fast

2021 Reflect Fast

- To reflect on what God wanted us to gain in 2020 
- To know that we have what it takes for what’s next
- To heal us for what’s next
Spend time with God.  Eliminate the current leading voices in your life that are not God, i.e. Social Media, the News, and replace that voice with God.  Eliminate any voices that are competing for value.

During your prayer time, ask the following of God:  What story does God want to tell through you by the end of 2021?

Three Things to do ask as you reflect:
- How does this truth help me establish values?
- How does this truth help me articulate and share the values that I have?
- How does this truth help me to live out the values that I have?

7 Days
Monday, January 11 - Sunday, January 17

- We are permitted to eat two full meals a day
- Fruits and nuts are permitted at all times 
- Red Meats 
- Fried food
- Breads
- Sweets 
- And sodas 
Corporate Reflection Time:
Intentionally join a corporate reflection time on our social media platforms, led by our Pastors, to focus on the things God shared with us in 2020. 
The available reflection times are:

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2021 Reflect Fast